DwarfCraft?  Craft the World – A first look

DwarfCraft? Craft the World – A first look

So of course during the Steam Holiday Sale I contemplated buying this game a couple of times.  Hell even my wife said it looked neat and that I should get it.  However, I held back and said, “It’ll go on sale again…”  So to keep track of it I added it to my wishlist.  Fortunately for me I didn’t even have to wait that afternoon a buddy of mine got it for me as a Holiday gift.  So Kudos to you Denori, Drumma, or whatever you want to call yourself on the interwebs.


So apparently these Dwarves have created a portal to another world that is currently ripe for the taking in resources and you as the commander of these pack of dwarves need to build a base of operations.  As you level up by either doing “quests” or gathering resources you can obtain more dwarves through the portal.  The Dwarves on the other side of the portal chock this up to “Not enough resources” to send more at the beginning.  It works as a quick and dirty explanation.

You begin as all sandbox games begin, with nothing.  You have to start by crafting small shoddy instruments then move up to bigger and better things.  As you level up you gain more things you can craft.  Sounds a little like some other sandbox game we all know.


So I’ve only just begun my “Campaign” but so far its been a blast.  The graphics are 2D but yet feel very 2.5D as there is are 3 layers Foreground, Behind the foreground and Background.  The background is never really reachable and just provides a pretty parallax for gameplay but the Foreground and behind the foreground are fair game.  You can destroy blocks, add blocks, and harvest anything in those two layers.

You get challenges as you level up.  The challenges are things like ‘Craft X number of X’ and they provide some pretty good rewards.  At night, like with all the Post-Minecraft sandbox games, the monsters come out to play.  These range anywhere from Zombies to Ghosts to Skeletons.  However, during the day you can also be raided by the local Goblin tribe.  Either way so far they’ve been pretty easy to defeat with minimal damage.


I hope to write another article on this game after I’ve played it for awhile and not on a carebear mode.  So far the game is one of those good time-sink games that we all know and love.  Its tedious in a good way and a little more fast paced than Minecraft.  However, you don’t have the complete creative control like you do in other sandbox games like Landmark or Minecraft.