Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life

Lately on Twitch I’ve been watching a bunch of Kiwo playing a bunch of Stardew Valley.  The game looked super fun, but as I had been watching it I wanted to play something different.  I felt like I knew too much about Stardew Valley at this point.  So I did a bit of research and found this game Fantasy Life for the 3DS.

For about 2 days I didn’t put my 3DS down.  In fact, I brought it to work and played it during breaks.  The game is very entertaining and just challenging enough to keep my interest.  You play as a speechless boy/girl who comes of age in a town called Castele.  In this town everyone who ‘chooses a life’ must report to the king to receive permission for a license.  I, of course, chose ‘Angler’ as my initial life.  You meet a butterfly that acts as your “Navi”.  She/he is kind of a guide and your voice.


Each ‘life’ operates like a profession or class in most RPG games.  You are given a set of goals or quests to fulfill based on the life you’ve chosen.  The list of lives are:

  • Mercenary
  • Paladin
  • Hunter
  • Wizard
  • Woodcutter
  • Angler
  • Miner
  • Tailer
  • Carpenter
  • Cook
  • Blacksmith
  • Alchemist

At nearly any point in the game if you are unhappy with your choice of life you can change for one of the others.  You still retain your current status and level in the previous life but no attain the ability at level 1 of another life.


As I said before choosing a life gives you a certain set of quests.  However, there are three types of quests in Fantasy Life.  Life Goals are the first.  Butterfly Goals are the second.  Lastly, villager requests are the third.  You advance your life by doing “Life Quests”.  You advance the story by doing Butterfly Quests.  Then, you advance your money and other wealth of goods by doing villager quests.


I’ve not beaten the game with my Angler life yet so take this review for what it’s worth.  I really enjoy the game.  It’s a great ‘sit on the couch and kill an afternoon’ type of game.  The combat for non-combat characters leaves something to be desired.  Heck, maybe just a tutorial.  I didn’t realize you could dodge attacks for way longer than it should have taken me to figure that out.  The fishing is super fun for a game.  The story quests are neat but not normally very challenging.  Occasionally, you team up with someone during these story quests and that makes it super easy.  Overall I think the reviews for this game on IGN and GameSpot are pretty good.  I think I’d give it about a 4 out of 5.  I would definitely recommend it to any action RPG fan.