Massively Multi-player Online Skyrim?

Massively Multi-player Online Skyrim?

You know I’m talking about Elder Scrolls Online.  I, of course, pre-ordered the Imperial Edition for the PC and part of that deal is that I get 5 days early access.  So far its been great.  However, there have been a large amount of bugs that the developers swear will be fixed by launch and for their sake I hope that is true.  Lets talk about the good stuff first.

Due to the early access, right now, only the people who actually give a crap about the game’s success are actively playing, which is great.  I’m playing with people who are either passionate about MMOs or The Elder Scrolls series.  I happen to fall under both categories.  I have about 9 years under my belt for World Of Warcraft and in that time I’ve also played pretty much every other MMO that has hit the store shelves.  ESO brings a fresh perspective on MMOs.  It tries to focus more on exploration and side things than a big ol’ fashioned grind fest.  Sure, you could just sit still and kill a million boars (South Park reference), but you won’t level up very fast or at all in some cases.  The quests feel important and relevant.  I’m currently helping my faction secure some fortresses that had been taken over by a rogue band of a different faction.  This also creates loyalty to my faction as I can see how the other factions are damaging (even if they are NPCs).

My favorite parts of ESO so far have by far been the crafting mechanisms.  Every character can craft any of the craftable sections; be it woodworking (Shields and Staves), blacksmithing (Weapons and Heavy Armor), clothing (Light and Medium Armor), enchanting or alchemy.  To be honest, there may even be more this is just all I’ve used up to this point.  Unlike many games before, the crafting is actually useful even at early levels.  I can easily create a one-handed ax with a frost enchantment that is better than most stuff I pick up with just resources I’ve collected up to this point.  Not to mention, starting off you can craft things for your own race.  For instance I’m a Bosmer (Wood Elf) and I use bone in all my weapons and armor.  I create weapons and armor that are made for Bosmers.  However, I can give these weapons and armor to other races and they can wear them.  If I want to craft gear in a different “style” I have to find books that teach me about those styles.  I love this as it gives you a more personal connection with your character.  From a Role-playing standpoint this makes you very proud of your race selection.

Elder Scrolls Online Crafting

Courtesy of ESO

The quest chain system I think is great.  I wish there were more of them though as I’ve frequently come across times where the quests ahead of me are too high level and I’ve completed all the quests behind me.  I like the fact that each chain is a small piece of the story for that region and each step just brings you closer to the big reason why you are in that region.  Some of the major quests in the beginning on day 1 had some issues where NPCs were unclickable or not interactive.  That caused some issues but over all everything’s worked pretty smoothly.


So far the issues I’ve experienced haven’t been a deal breaker by any stretch of the imagination but have mostly been annoyances.  Firstly, I’ll just restate some of the issues I experienced up top.  Some of the quest chains were broken by not being able to complete a specific quest.  This has for the most part been resolved and all the quests I had issues with on Sunday and Monday I was able to complete last night.

Money has been an issue.  Things don’t seem to sell at a high enough value to vendors to warrant carrying them around and unless you want to make hundreds of trips back and forth to sell a bunch of 1-10g stuff you are kind of stuck.  Which brings me to the next point; the starting bag capacity is tiny.  You are only able to carry 60 items.  Now this includes stacks of items which is cool for crafting and what not but its just not enough bag space.  You can purchase more and I’m sure I’ll do that when I get home.

That’s all folks…

I’m a Bosmer on the Ebonheart Pact.  My name is Kaytal.  If you want to play send me a tell.  My guild is Cult of Cthulhu.  They alright.