Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword

So… how about that Skyward Sword game? After two years of an on again off again kind of love hate relationship between the two of us, I finally played the ending all of the way through! I have a whole lot more love for the game than dislike, so let’s start with the negatives.

My main complaint is having to play the game with the WiiMote rather than a regular controller. Link’s sword is controlled by the motion censor, which to be completely honest, only picks up the WiiMote 75% of the time. During some battles, a perfect sword swing is crucial. There’s nothing more frustrating about this game than when you have to nail a diagonal right swing while battling Ghirahim, and the sword swings vertically instead. Not going to lie, I rage quit a few times during this game because of the Wii’s sensor. My second complaint has to do with the treasure/bug collecting. Every time you catch a bug with a net or collect a random treasure, the game play stops and shows you exactly what you collected. A screen then pops up showing your entire collection and explains to you what you just collected. It only takes a few seconds top, but it is so frustrating. When I’ve collected twenty Amber Relics, I don’t need to be told what it is twenty-one times! Third complaint: the damn harp. I do not enjoy the harp, but it is for the same reasons that I don’t enjoy the swordplay. When asked to perform songs, it is so difficult to keep up with the speed.

Skyward Sword Theme picture

Now, onto the aspects that I love about this game! First, the game is absolutely beautiful. It wasn’t until the last two days of me playing the game that I had to switch it to nighttime in Skyloft, and oh… my… gosh, it’s magical. (Btw, it never gets dark in the game unless you do it. Just go to anyone’s bed and pick the option “sleep until night”) Second, the bosses are great. This game has a very diverse group of bosses. Awesome: The Imprisoned. Goofy: Tentalus. Tedious: Scaldera. Easy: Magmanos. Takes skill: Ghirahim. You get the point. Third, Fi! She is wonderful. She has her moments when she is just as annoying as Navi, but more times than not she is very helpful and informative. With Fi, comes the ability of “dowsing”. Dowsing is very helpful throughout the game, because she allows you to dowse for all sorts of things, ranging from goddess cubes to certain characters. Fourth, the end boss, Demise. Evil demon lord!! Fifth, the storyline. Oh, the feeeeels! I won’t spoil anything for those of you who haven’t played. But the ending of this game is pretty close to perfect.


If you are a Zelda fan, I highly recommend this game. It’s not my favorite, but it is a pretty awesome game. In my opinion, it blows Twilight Princess out of the water. There’s really no competing between the two.