The Green Hood?

The Green Hood?

So CW’s Arrow is in its second season and I’m about to blow everyone’s mind.  I’ve never really been a comic book fan.  There I said it and now I feel like I can move on.  I have always had a weird enjoyment out of The Green Arrow comics.  However, admittedly, I didn’t start reading them until I was well into high school.  You’ll not hear any aw-inspiring story about me staying up way past my “bed-time” to read page after page of the haul I got from the comic book store.  Realistically, there weren’t any comic books stores in the town I was raised in.  I digress.

Arrow is a fantastic meld of CW’s required drama and topless male nudity with a good comic book origin story.  They so far have gotten a lot of things right and I’ve really enjoyed how they put it all together.  Stephen Amell’s portrayal of Oliver Queen, The Green Arrow, does not have me disappointing.  He really captures the inner turmoil of Oliver but also knows how to have fun with the character.


All of the cameos of other not so popular DC heroes/villains is really neat too.  The first seasons antagonist was Malcom Merlyn.  This is obviously, or at least after some googling, Merlyn also known as Arthur King. Played by John Barrowman, everyone’s favorite captain, he’s just as good an archer as Oliver.  Oliver’s thirst for vengeance puts him in some fantastically action packed situations.  The end of every episode had me reeling for the next one.

Arrow's Deathstroke

Season Two does not disappoint.  The new villain is Slade Wilson, or any of you Injustice fans, DeathStroke.  They also introduce the Suicide Squad and allude to Harley Quinn being a future cast member.  Dead Shot and Tiger with John Diggle leading this little force.  It’s a fantastic show and I highly recommend it for TV enthusiast and comic book fans alike.